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RUSU is hosting RUSH WEEK, a week of competitions, challenges and teams fighting for glory! You can have a team of 6-12 friends competing at events throughout the week in a crazy team costume or get put into an existing team if you can’t get the numbers together. Each day will have a crazy activity planned, and the team with the most points at the end of each day wins an awesome prize!

There will also be a scavenger hunt running all week long so you can earn bonus points for your team outside of the challenges. So head to the RUSU website and sign up before Friday the 10th to secure your place in the competition! Only those who are registered will get entry to the exclusive Closing Ceremony Rooftop party at the end of the week!

HOW MUCH: $5 per person
WHEN: 20th to 24th March

MONDAY: Mind Over Matter

City CampusToday is the day for the brainiest among your team mates to shine! We start with logic puzzles in Alumni Courtyard before releasing you into the city for the ultimate scavenger hunt!

TUESDAY: Unleash Your Inner Child

City Campus
Throw yourselves head first into childish madness in Alumni Courtyard! We have some games that are reminiscent of your childhood, as well as a massive game of Hungry Hungry Hippos … with a twist.


Bundoora Campus (buses provided)
It’s time to rumble! Catch the RUSU bus out to Bundoora to take on physical challenges the likes of which no student has ever faced before!!! Or just the inflatable gladiator ring.

THURSDAY: Is Your Body Ready

City Campus
Here’s a Hint: No, your body is not ready. We start the day with crazy food challenges, break to give everyone the opportunity for a quick food coma nap, then come back for an evening of trivia and drinking games!

FRIDAY: Closing Ceremony

City Campus
Once the scores have been tallied and the week has been rushed, come along the RUSU Rooftop Party to receive prices for the winners, party with your new friends and relive the weeks best moments.