The Brunswick Student Collective Is Here

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The Brunswick Student Collective Is Here

The Brunswick Student Collective initiative aims to gather students together to talk about RUSU's plans for Brunswick. The collective will consist of a group of students who discuss and brainstorm different event ideas, and provide feedback to the union about what Brunswick students want. In order to provide relevant resources and events for students, it is vital for the union to understand the exact needs of students.

The collective is a great way for students to get involved with the Student Union, and meet like minded people on campus! Some times uni can get hectic with study and assignments, so this would be a great way to get away from your studies and have fun.

Joining the collective could mean to you:

  • making new friends
  • getting events you really want on campus
  • helping to upgrade the campus in the ways you really want it
  • learning more about the union and how it can benefit you
  • getting to know some of RUSU's main player and moving forward into future involvement on the council
  • gaining advice from RUSU's coordinators and representatives about the union, employment, or just uni life in general! We too are students and know what it's like
  • freebees like free lunches and RUSU merchandise!

Join the collective today, with no commitment or expectations, students can come along to one meeting to see what it's all about. By no means do students have to commit to coming to all or any of the meetings, and if they can't make it there are always other ways to get in touch or involved.

If there are any further questions feel free to contact RUSU's Brunswick Coordinator,
Charlotte Whittle,
RUSU Front Counter, Building 514, Level 1, Monday - Wednesday

Want to join our collective?

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