2016 Achievements

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2016 Achievements

Throughout 2016, RUSU has actively listened to the student body and partnered with the University to achieve a number of fantastic student experience wins including:

  • No assessment worth over 50% for HE courses
  • Snooze lounges at the City, Brunswick and Bundoora Campuses
  • Approx. 50,000 serves of free breakfast across the City, Carlton, Brunswick and Bundoora Campuses
  • Free weekly lunches across the City, Carlton, Brunswick and Bundoora Campuses
  • Free weekly yoga and four specialist wellbeing workshops (including Hip Hop yoga, BeyDance, Mindfulness and Art Therapy)
  • Free leadership, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Safe Food Handling training.

But wait, there’s more exciting improvements coming in 2017 including…

  • Compass is coming to Brunswick and Bundoora (YAAYYY). Compass is RUSU’s information and referrals service for RMIT students experiencing life difficulties who want to know where to go to resolve them. The Compass Cupboard (free food bank for students) will also be coming to these campuses.
  • Improved Student Timetabling System (STS) - out with the old and in with a new, more efficient STS that will include a preferential system rather than “first-in best dressed”, inter-campus travel support, less clashes and last minute changes!
  • Hasta la vista Blackboard - RMIT is upgrading its LMS in 2017….Blackboard is going in the bin….collective YAAASSS!
  • More Recorded Lectures - more lectures will be recorded in 2017 with improved technology.

It doesn’t stop there….

  • Free events throughout 2017 now including RMIT Point Cook students
  • A more supportive and equitable Special Consideration process and Assessment Policy
  • Improved group work assessment
  • RUSU is collaborating with other Victorian universities in fighting for fairer public transport concessions for International and postgraduate students
  • Improved teaching standards
  • A more mental health friendly campus