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Club Grants 2017

Information about 2018 Club Grants is available through the Club Executive Resources Google Folder (only available to Club executives). 

2017 club applications are closed. Any new club enquiries will be to affiliate a new club for 2018 (which commence in October 2017). Please refer to the Start a Club page for more information about starting a new RUSU club.

RUSU Room Booking

Need to book a RUSU space? Click here


This page contains links to a range of event management and statutory requirement information to assist allevent planners at RMIT, not just RUSU clubs. Click on the links below to get the information you need.

Annual Program Reimbursement Form
RUSU Clubs Space & Equipment Booking Update
RMIT Venues Managed Space Information
RUSU Clubs Model Constitution
Budget Template
Event Checklist
Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) at Functions
Food Safety Information
RUSU Clubs & RMIT Insurance
Guide to Showing Films In Public
RUSU Clubs Code of Conduct
Clubs Sponsorship Invoice Request Form
RUSU Clubs Affiliate Media Kit