ACES Committee 2021



Danny Nackovski

Danny joined ACES in middle of first year to be a more active student and to foster camaraderie amongst his cohort. Initially part of the social wing of ACES, Danny has grown to help organise both Professional and Social Events. He hopes the communication and management skills developed in his time at ACES will make him more employable. Outside of RMIT Danny plays cricket at Preston Druids C.C in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. 


Kareen Moraes

Kareen has been with ACES since her second year to get more involved with the chemical engineering community! She started off in shadow positions for social events with the goal of connecting with chemical engineering students, new and graduates, socially and professionally.  

Aside from ACES, Kareen has worked with the RMIT rover team, in2science mentor, FIRE, and SSCC. Currently she is the student rep for RMIT on the JVCEC and hopes to utilise her commitment to bridge the gap between students and professionals. In her free time, Kareen loves eating exquisite French toast, chai lattes, road trips and taking naps.


Adam Corrie

Adam joined ACES in his second year of Chemical Engineering to better understand the professional aspect of his degree. He hopes that it will better prepare him for life post university and build up his professional networks. He has been involved with the Job Shop, SSCC, the Events Department and RMIT Connect. Adam has interests in Nuclear energy, focusing on fission and fusion, as well as new up and coming technologies such as Small Module Directors. He is currently completing an internship at Fosterville Goldmine in Bendigo. In his spare time he likes to create projects out of wood and play tennis with his friends. 


Josh Schembri

Josh has been an ACES member since his first year at RMIT, drawn by the opportunity to immerse himself in industry events whilst getting to know his fellow chemical engineering students. A keen advocate for RMIT Chemical Engineering, Josh has played a key role as an Open Day Representative and as a Student Staff Consultative Committee Member. He hopes to work with similarly motivated ACES members to bring about a bigger and brighter future for the club. 

Professional Director

Sabrina Yap Utama

Sabrina has been an ACES member and has attended several ACES activities since her first year. Seeing how ACES has helped her gain networks and meet fellow students, she decided to join the committee to be more involved herself. As the professional director, her goal is to help fellow chemical engineering students at RMIT to be more exposed to real engineering concepts through various professional events and build their own network bubbles. Outside of ACES, Sabrina has been involved in a lot of organizations such as PPIA, an Indonesian non-profit community. She has also completed an internship at Qenos during the summer break, and she hopes to help more students to experience more real engineering projects in the future. 

Social Director

Amandi Peiris

Amandi decided to join ACES in her first year to delve in the Chemical Engineering community. She aspires to be part of the ACES legacy whilst helping to develop the club on its’ path to greatness. Amandis’ end-state vision as Social Director, is to connect prospective and present Chemical Engineering graduates with the professionals within the industry. During her downtime she enjoys in experimenting new recipes and going on picnics with her friends and family.