Biomedical Engineering RMIT Student Society (BERSS)

BERSS is an academic club that provides Industry and Social support to all Biomedical Engineers at RMIT University.


The aims of the Biomedical Engineering RMIT Student Society (BERSS) are:
To strengthen bonds between RMIT Biomedical Engineering students within and across the different year levels and;
To help foster student engagement and awareness in the field of biomedical engineering in both the commercial and academic spheres.

Established in 2017, BERSS organises and presents a mix of professional and social activities both on campus and off.

Annual membership to BERSS is FREE!. 2021 membership (for new and returning members) is available by clicking "Join or Renew" at the top right of this page.
For any questions, please direct membership questions to the club email or Facebook group.

To contact BERSS, please email or join the Society's Facebook group.