Catholics AT RMIT

Catholics@RMIT is a spiritual club for catholic students at RMIT.


The RMIT Catholic Club aims to provide opportunities for members of the Catholic community at RMIT to meet and make friends and to grow our faith.
We also link up to the broader Catholic community of Melbourne through activities with St Francis' Church and others.
For information about our club, you can email us at
If you'd like to become a member of the Club. please use the "Join/Renew" tab at the right of this page. A log-in pop-up will appear - log in and it will take you to our membership form.
If you've never used this website to join a RUSU Club, you'll need to set up an account in the RUSU (Student Union) web system - there is a link at the bottom of the pop up to do this.
Once you've set up the account it will take you to the Club's membership form. Setting up an account in the RUSU web system is not the same as joining RUSU.

We are also looking for club members who may be interested in leadership roles in the club (Chairperson, Secretary [Administration] and Treasurer [Financial operations] ). Club leaders coordinate club events (including participation in University events such as O Week) communications (the club email and Facebook page), manage the club administration (membership, club meetings) and financial activities (budget approval for events, banking, applying for club funding etc). Club leaders are elected for 12 months and must be enrolled at RMIT for that period.
Our Clubs Officer, Jacqueline Out, has contacted current members about this. You can also contact Jacq directly at

You are also welcome to contact the RMIT Catholic Chaplain, The Nhan Ant Nguyen []