Electrical & Computer Engineering Club

The ECE club is for all RMIT students studying electrical, electronic or computer and networking engineering.


ECE Club update:
Unfortunately, the club's 2020 Annual General Meeting was cancelled.
The club will try to re-establish at the start of Semester 1 next year.
If you are continuing or starting study at RMIT in 2021 and would like to help ECE try to "re-boot" for 2021, please contact our Student Union Clubs Officer Jacqueline Out (Jacq).
You can email Jacq at jacqueline.out@rmit.edu.au
Many thanks and we hope you have a great summer.
The outgoing ECE leadership team

The aims of the RMIT ECE Club are:
To improve the level of engagement that RMIT electrical and computing engineering students have with their chosen fields of study and their future professions and industries. As well as build social cohesion between students enrolled in ECE programs through social events and regular meetups.