Indian Club

RMIT Indian Club is open to RMIT students from everywhere, regardless of their nationality, to participate and enjoy the rich and diverse culture of the Indian subcontinent.


RMIT Indian Club has been proudly supporting the Indian community of RMIT University since 2014. The Club seeks to connect RMIT students of Indian heritage with each other, to make friends and support each other, and, working closely with the RMIT Student Union (RUSU) and the broader Indian student community in Melbourne and Australia, to seek better experiences and outcomes for our Members.

The last few years have been really difficult for all of us and the Club has worked hard to try and keep us all connected. We are so excited to be active on-campus again and to helping our Members experience the best campus life!

If you'd like to volunteer to help us plan run our events & activities, join up then send us an email! The more help we have, the more we can achieve!

To join:
1: Click on the "Join/Renew" in the menu to the right
2: If you've previously joined a club through RUSU web, you should already have a log-in account. Log in through the pop-up and this will take you to the club membership form
3: If you don't have an account in the RUSU web system, there is a link to set one up at the bottom of the pop-up. Do that and you will be taken to the club membership form.
4: Please note - this is not the same as joining RUSU (that's the "Join" button at the top
Important - Only members who join the Club through this page on the RUSU website are recognised as RMIT Indian Club members.
Membership is annual - so, if you were a Club Member last year, please re-join now!

To connect/contact with the Club, please use the links to our Social in the Menu.
Our email is

The 2022 RMIT Indian Club elected Board of Management is:
President - Rani Dudhani
Vice President - Tanay Shah
Secretary - Alan Martin
Treasurer - Aswathy Ottur
Women's Officer - Helamini Weeratunga