Indian Club

RMIT Indian Club is open to RMIT students from everywhere, regardless of their nationality, to participate and enjoy the rich and diverse culture of the Indian subcontinent.


RMIT Indian Club has been proudly providing student services to the Indian community of RMIT University since 2014. What differentiates us from other clubs is our ability to truly connect with our students and provide the exceptional, compassionate student services and help they deserve. The Club also seeks to connect RMIT students of Indian heritage with each other, to make friends and support each other. We run a range of social and cultural activities, along with fun workshops, webinars, social work and challenges to win exciting prizes!
2021 membership is now closed as the Club prepares for a Special General Meeting (SGM) on the 16th November. The purpose of the SGM is to update the Club's Constitution to be consistent with the RUSU Clubs Model Constitution.
The SGM this will be followed by the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on December 1st. The AGM will include the election of the 2022 Executive of the RMIT Indian Club Board of Management.
Both meetings will be held online and coordinated through the RUSU Clubs Department. Members will receive an email invitation to both meetings.
Only members who join the Club through this page on the RUSU website are recognised as 2021 RMIT Indian Club members.