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Club email: ocf.club@rmit.edu.au
Contact No: 0405 663 928

Welcome to RMIT Overseas Christian Fellowship
We are a RUSU (RMIT University Student Union) student Spiritual Club based at RMIT University City Campus. Originally called OCF Parkville, our name changed to OCF Melbourne City in 2009 to reflect the vision that God had placed in our hearts: "to lead university students back to Christ and facilitate their spiritual growth, in preparation for a lifestyle that would ultimately glorify God".
Our fellowship in 2comprises of international and local students of interdenominational faith, who come from a range of multicultural backgrounds which reflect the student community at RMIT.
RMIT OCF is established under OCF Australia.

Covid-19 Response
Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to come and check us out! Due to Covid-19 and the universities response to this season we have moved all activities and club meetings online to zoom.

We are currently holding bible studies weekly with concurrent other events throughout the semester.
Events include:
- Weekly Bible Study
- Fortnightly Prayer Meetings (for corporate and personal prayer)
- Social Events (like virtual dinner, games, and hangout sessions)
- State events run with other OCF Centres around Victoria

If you are new to Melbourne or are looking for a regular church to attend we have members going to various different churches even during this period while they are online.
If you'd like to know more about any local churches or would like to visit them online we are more than happy to help you in any way we can.

Once we begin club activities emails will be sent out with times and zoom meeting links regularly. If you would like to be emailed please the page or send your contact details in either email or text to our contact information above.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to join.

We aim for our members to excel in school and grow in Christ, while having fun with others who share the same goals, and often have dinners together.
We want to change the idea that Christian student's life is boring.
We hold camps and leadership training throughout the year, and we provide a good environment for our members to grow spiritually and to harness their leadership potentials...

Membership for RMIT OCFis FREE
OCF Australia
Overseas Christian Fellowship Australia (OCF Australia) is a student-led, student-run, non-denominational and non-profit Christian organisation with connected centres across Australian university campuses. As of September 2008 there are 22 recognised and existing OCF Centres across all Australian states except the Northern Territory, of which 19 are fully active.
The current vision statement of OCF Australia is "Reach out. Build up. Send back" highlighting its three missions as an arm to the church. The organisation focuses on catering for International Students at Australian Universities to develop their Christian foundation and to prepare them for Christian ministries. Members of OCF colloquially call themselves "OCFers".
Many church leaders, Christian organisation directors/committee members across Asia-Pacific countries were former members of OCF in their tertiary years.

OCF was founded in 1958 when various International Students' fellowships in different Universities around Australia decided to meet and stay connected and share a common goal. Each year an AGM is held with a Convention Camp where members from each centre gather to discuss plans for the coming year, make any amendments to the vision statement and resolve any issues.
The population of OCF membership has grown significantly over its 50 years of history and currently has between 20 to 300 members per centre (depending on its location and campus share).

As the turnover of members occur frequently (due to the lifespan of a typical bachelor degree being 4 years, and some members join in later years of study), members who are able to remain active in a particular centre for 5 years or more is referred to as a 'dinosaur'.
Majority of its current members are Asians, being closest to Australia.
Weekly meetings are commonly held on campuses or supporting church. Since OCF is student-led and student-run, the general atmosphere of both the meetings and the events are more relaxed and casual than most organisations, promoting the accessibility to non-believers and non-members.

While each OCF centre runs independently, some events are almost universally run at similar times. Weekly meets occur on either Friday or Wednesday night, an Easter and Winter camp (combined centres in each city/state) held annually are common. A national Convention is held once a year at a different host city each time. Convention for 2008 is held in Adelaide, hosted by OCF AU, OCF Uni SA and OCF Flinders.
As OCF centres prioritises evangelism on campus, many activities including non-members exist. Events such as Evangelism Nights (E-Nite), Buddy Dinners (at people's homes), O-Week activities (Orientation Week for new students to campus) and other social outings occur regularly.

Members of OCF, after graduation, may leave to return to their home country, where they join other Christian organisations such as OMF (Overseas Mission Fellowship) or their local church's ministries.
Of the members who opt to remain and work in Australia, they often stay connected to OCF to serve as an advisor, guardian or speaker for a centre.
For returnees (people who return to their home country after finishing studies), an OCF Alumni exists in both Malaysia and Singapore.
Website: http://www.ocfaustralia.org/

List of OCF Centres
New South Wales
OCF Sydney (University of Sydney, University of New South Wales & Macquarie University)

OCF Berwick* (Monash University, Berwick Campus)
OCF Carlton (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
OCF Caulfield (Monash University, Caulfield Campus)
OCF Clayton (Monash University, Clayton Campus)
OCF Frankston* (N/A)
OCF Geelong (Deakin University)
OCF Melbourne City (RMIT)
OCF Melbourne Uni (Melbourne University)
OCF Swinburne (Swinburne University of Technology)

South Australia
OCF Adelaide (University of Adelaide)
OCF Uni SA (University of South Australia)
OCF Flinders (Flinders University)

OCF Griffith Uni (Griffith University)
OCF UQ (University of Queensland)

Western Australia
OCF Murdoch (Murdoch University)
OCF Perth (University of Western Australia)
OCF Curtin (Curtin University of Technology)

Australian Capital Territory
OCF Canberra (Australian National University)

OCF Hobart (University of Tasmania)

Note: centres with a * may not be officially affiliated yet.