Indonesian Student Association PPIA RMIT

PPIA RMIT is an Indonesian Student Association under RUSU which both celebrates and embraces the Indonesian culture in Melbourne.


Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia (PPIA), or Indonesian Students Association, in RMIT thrives to be an intimate yet open student organisation. Every year, we hope to be a platform for our members to socialize and be surrounded and inspired by a positive and creative community. With that in mind, we constantly provide a wide arrange of events, online and offline to accomodate to our members.

It is our aim to preserve and promote Indonesian culture in Melbourne, as it is our greatest pride to be an ambassador for Indonesia in RMIT University. Hence, whether you are an Indonesian student, or an RMIT student who is simply keen in learning more about Indonesia, our door is wide open for you.

Find our more about us at or follow us on instagram at @ppiarmit for the latest updates!

Orchestrating the innovation within PPIA RMIT through developing and enhancing each individual's talents and philosophies while maintaining a warm relationship with one another.

- Creating a warm atmosphere which welcomes and supports everyone in the PPIA RMIT Family.
- To create an ever growing standard within both internal and external events of PPIA RMIT.
- To unleash the utmost potential within each and every individual regardless of division of any kind.

RMIT PPIA has a membership fee of $15. Members do have to sign up every year (but returning members don't have to pay the fee).
To join (or re-join) us for 2020, please visit or come and find our table at 2020 Clubs Day!