Macedonian Student Society (RUMSS)

Macedonian Student Society (RUMSS) is a cultural club for RMIT students of Macedonian heritage at all campuses, as well as anyone interested in the Macedonian Culture!!


The RMIT University Macedonian Student Society (RUMSS) is a cultural club to bring together people of Macedonian heritage.

The aims of RUMSS are:
1. To add to RMIT’s large breadth of cultural clubs and multicultural environment.
2. To promote the culture, language and history of the Macedonian community on campus.
3. To provide an environment to foster Macedonian students to engage with each other.
4. To showcase the rich Macedonian culture to other students at RMIT University.

We hope to deliver a range of events to share Macedonian culture with the wider RMIT community and provide opportunities for our members to meet and have some fun!

There is no fee to join the club, just fill out the google form at this link:

To find out about more about RUMSS, please contact the Society by email at:
or find us on Facebook: RMIT University Macedonian Students Society - RUMSS