Students Association of Industrial Design

Students Association of Industrial Design (SAID) is an academic club for RMIT students with an interest in the field of industrial design.


**We are the Students Association of Industrial Design.** SAID aims to provide RMIT students with a platform to discuss, collaborate, and connect with industry and relevant professional networks in the field of industrial design. We deliver creative and professional development activities, workshops, discounted indoor bouldering, and social hangouts. Annual Membership is free and open for 2022! Please note that Full Membership is only open to students enrolled in the following Programs: BH093, BH100 BH104, BH109 and MC231 All other students may join as Social Members. ---------- *2023 Membership is now open and is free. new students and returning students, please sign up for 2023! 

To join:

1: Click on the "Join/Renew" in the menu to the right
2: If you've joined a club through RUSU web, you should already have a log-in account. Log in through the pop-up and this will take you to the club membership form
3: If you don't have an account in the RUSU web system, there is a link to set one up at the bottom of the pop-up. Do that and you will be taken to the club membership form.
4: Please note - this is not the same as joining RUSU (that's the "Join" button at the top.
**Find us on social media!** Facebook: Instagram: Discord: Website: If you'd like to know more about our community, feel free to contact us at: