Students Association for Sustainable Systems Engineering RMIT SASSE

SASSE is an academic Club for RMIT Sustainable Systems Engineering students and their supporters.


The Association's aims are to:
Make connections between students studying RMIT Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE)
Support RMIT SSE students in adjusting to University life and throughout their whole RMIT academic experience
Create a community of students within RMIT SSE
Increase the profile of RMIT SSE through active members

SASSE's regular activities include:
Orientation events for all commencing and returning RMIT SSE students;
Working with the relevant student/University processes to develop resources for SSE students on campus such as a common room;
Ongoing regular social events;
Industry connection events.

SASSE's annual membership is free! Please use the link on this page to sign up.
Our email is

Students interested in taking up leadership roles and/or generally helping out with our event planning, promotions etc, are encouraged to contact us!