Science Fiction and Gaming Association SFGA

We are the guild of the RMIT Science Fiction and Gaming Association, open to all.


We play card games, CCGs, board games, pen and paper RPG, tabletop strategy, videogames and talk about all things sci-fi and gaming related.
We host events and tournaments and generally just kick back every Wednesday from 2pm-6pm & Thursday 4pm - 10pm during Semester 1 2019 in RMIT Building 57 Level 4, Room 37.
We welcome all new members and find your nerdy qualities irresistible.
Annual Membership to our club is free! Just join or Renew your membership for 2020 with the purple link to the top right.
We also have a Paid Membership for members who wants to get a club card which provides you with some great discount offers from our sponsors (eg. Mind Games). Please ask any executives for details.

If you haven't joined a RUSU Club through this website before, you will need to set up an account in the system. Click on the "Join or Renew" purple button on this page then click on "Create an Acccount" down the bottom of the Sign In page (where it says "Don't have a RUSU account?").
You don't have to be a RUSU member to join a RUSU Club.
For matters relating to joining the club and specific games, check out our facebook:
We also have a Discord! Feel free to pop in, introduce yourself, and have a chat with some of the other members.
Club email: