Singapore Students Association SSA RMIT

At RMIT SSA, our aim is to provide you with a home away from home.


About Us
Established in 1994, the Singapore Student Association was created to help Singaporean Students at RMIT University find a home away from home. Through social and cultural events, SSA aims to bring Singaporean culture to Melbourne, create a space where students can find friends and most importantly, a sense of community. We embrace all members with open arms and hope the association will help all our members to gain lifelong friends and adapt to life quickly into Melbourne, especially for first-year students.

General information
For any inquiries, we can be contacted at

An annual membership fee of $15 is payable - info about this is on our membership form
**To join up for 2022, please use this link to our 2022 Membership form

Frequent updates on our events are posted on our Instagram page - link in the menu.