RMIT Chinese Traditional Boardgame Club

A Club for all RMIT Students that promotes the Chinese Traditional board game culture.


RMIT Traditional Chinese Board Games Club is a new club at RUSU RMIT for 2020. Unfortunately, due to Covid19, we aren't able to start operating on campus!
When we can start up, we will pursue the following Aims and Objectives
a. Promoting Chinese traditional board game culture.
b. Holding Chinese traditional board games events for all members. The club aims to have more than 6 activities each year, including normal events, social events and one big competition each year.
c. Establishing a platform for students to learn Chinese culture and to make friends from a different cultural background. The club aims to be multi-cultural. This will be achieved by encouraging students from different cultural background to join the club and holding events with other RMIT clubs together.
We hope to see you sometime soon. Until then, please stay safe and well