planetUNI RMIT

planetUNI RMIT is a club that seeks to connect with and empower RMIT students to live beyond themselves. We have lots of fun together and would love to meet YOU!


planetUNI is the university student club associated with Planetshakers Church. As a social, drug-and-alcohol-free club, we believe that university life is more than libraries, examinations, and tutorials. We like to connect students with students by holding events throughout the year. We are here to build a community, here to enjoy university, and here to empower you to thrive on campus.

A few things we do on (and off) campus:
- Orientation Parties
- planetUNI Camp
- Creative Workshops (film, photography, graphic design)
- Prayer Meetings
- Sports Days
- Adulting Workshops
- End of Semester Carnival
- Grilled Cheese & BBQs
- Urban Life

We hold our events all year round! So check us out on our social media for our next event.
If you aren’t a member yet, you can sign up at any of our events (and it’s FREE!).

To contact planetUNI RMIT, please email us at

We can’t wait to meet you!