What Matters to RUSU. Over the past couple of years, we have seen students lose jobs in their thousands, university funding has been slashed, degrees have doubled in cost and the standard of living has dropped.

RUSU Stands With Survivors Of Sexual Harm

RUSU Stands With Survivors Of Sexual Harm

No Fail Grades On Transcripts!

No Fail Grades On Transcripts!

Save My Degree RMIT

Bring Back the Academic Safety Net for RMIT Students NOW!

RUSU Works For You

RUSU is busier than ever! Check out a snapshot of what we have achieved... READ MORE

International Bursary

RUSU WINS! A big win for International Students

Latest Member Discounts

We have new discounts for our RUSU members... READ MORE

Help Is Here

This is a little reminder that help is here, view a list of helpful resources... READ MORE

SSAF Annual Report

We all pay SSAF fees every year, but have you wondered what RMIT spend the money on? The answer is you... READ MORE

Returning to campus

You'll need to follow these important steps to be allowed back into RMIT buildings... READ MORE

RUSU Helps Save Library Makerspace

RUSU successfully campaigned to save the library Makerspace which was scheduled to be closed... READ MORE

Medical Hub Is Open

Medical Hub @RMIT is back open and here for you... READ MORE

Stay up to date

Students should not have to choose between their health and their education... READ MORE

Student Rights Email

Unable to get through to RUSU Student Rights over the phone? Make sure you email... READ MORE