RUSU Annual Elections 2020

Election Notice: Candidates

RMIT Student Union - 2020 Annual Elections


The following is a list of the candidates whose nominations have been accepted for the RMIT Student Union Council 2020 Annual Elections.

View the PDF list of candidates, including nominations that have not been accepted.
View the PDF list of teams.
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General Secretary

Jarred Armitage (Together)
Ella Marchionda (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)

Education Officer

Cormac Mills Ritchard (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Karan Hemang Mehta (Together)

Welfare Officer

Jingyi Yin (Together)
Matthew Camilleri (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)

Activities Officer

Siheng Luo (Together)
Casey Cook (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)

Sustainability Officer

Xiaoyue Gui (Together)
Eva Stogiannou (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)

Clubs and Societies Officer 

Chris Giddings (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Vineet Vinod Prabhakar (Together)

Queer Officer 

Edoardo Brunetti and Roz Ward (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Angelique Maloney-Ray and Matte Howard Queer (Together)

Five (5) General Representatives

Chris Giddings (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Cormac Mills Ritchard (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Danny Loats (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Hannah Robbins (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Josh Zawa (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Akshay Jose (Together)
Chamath Samarakoon (Together)
Liam Thompson (Together)
Mark Morante (Together)
Meghana Balasaheb Karande (Together)
Huiting Chen (Together)
Zhichen Tang (Together)

City Coordinator 

Chetana Singh (Together)
Addy Arnot–Bradshaw (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)

City Representative 

Adam Steiner (Together)
Benjamin Golotta (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)

NUS Delegates – Seven (7) positions 

Belle Gibson (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Casey Cook (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Chris Giddings (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Cormac Mills Ritchard (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Edoardo Brunetti (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Ella Marchionda (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Siobhan McGlynn (Student Fightback – Stop Fee Hikes!)
Beatrice Co (Together)
Daniel Hoogstra (Together)
Jack Spires (Together)
Jingyi Yin (Together)
Joel McDougall (Together)
Liam Tall (Together)
Peiji Zhou (Together)


A ballot will not be required for the following positions as only one nomination was received:

Brunswick Coordinator 

Raveena Deshmukh (Together)

Brunswick Representative 

Ambika Abhinandini (Together)

Bundoora Coordinator 

Stephanie Flores-Tapia (Together)

Bundoora East Representative 

Santhipriya Thekkanath George (Together)

Bundoora West Representative

Jerome Marave (Together)

Catalyst Editors

Chloe Karis, Ellie Barclay and Sayali Harde (Together)

Indigenous Officer

Kimberley Lovegrove (Together)

International Officer 

Peiji Zhou (Together)

Postgraduate Officer

Sribabu Nagulapalli (Together)

Vocational Education Officer 

Sheldon Gait (Together)

Women’s Officer 

Harsheet Chhabra (Together)


Two teams have been registered for the elections:

Gavin Ryan
Returning Officer
13 September 2020