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Running Your Club

Running Your Club

Running your club requires a bit of work, but it doesn't have to be tricky. Knowing the processes and procedures you need to follow will help you to run your club smoothly day to day.

Key Dates 2023

Coming soon - Find all the key dates for clubs in 2023.

2023 New Club Enquiries

New club enquiries should refer to our Start a Club page.

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Returning Clubs (Re-affiliation)

Clubs that were not able to re-affiliate for 2022 due to the impact of COVID19 are advised to contact us to discuss their options.

Clubs that have lapsed (i.e. not maintained their annual re-affiliation) may be required to re-apply as a new club (apply for provisional club status). Please contact us for advice.

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Club Administration

Model Constitution

For guidance on how to set up your Clubs constitution, you can refer to the RUSU Clubs model constitution.

Model Constitution

RUSU Clubs Code of Conduct

All RUSU Club Members must adhere to a code of conduct.

Code Of Conduct

Using the RUSU Website

Download the RUSU Clubs web page instruction manual to find out how to use the website for your clubs page.

Download Manual

Club Email Accounts

If your Club has a "" email and you are nominated as a delegate to that account, learn how to access it.

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Executive Resignations

There is a formal process that needs to be adhered to when an elected club executive member wants to resign. For further information on the resignation process, please read the guide.

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Child Safety

Under 18's Parental Consent Form

Here is the RUSU Club permission form which must be completed by a parent or legal guardian before a person under the age of 18 can become a club member and/or participate in a club and/or club event. The club is responsible for ensuring these are completed and securely stored/filed.

RUSU Parental Consent Form

Essential Information for RUSU Clubs - U18 Club Involvement

All RUSU Clubs must be aware of their responsibilities regarding participants under 18 years of age, and of RMIT requirements around child safety. Even if you do not have club members who are under 18, you need to be aware of Child Safety.

U18 Club Info Sheet

Working With Children Checks

Most RUSU Clubs must have at least FOUR Executive members who hold a Volunteer Working with Children Check (NOTE: Smaller clubs only require THREE executive members to have a WWCC). The four Executive members should be the senior members, and must include the President and Secretary (or equivalent role).

Volunteer Working with Children Checks are free. They are needed for most volunteering roles at RMIT and also look good on your CV.

The Club President is responsible for ensuring that at least four Executive members hold valid volunteer working with children checks, and for ensuring that the Club retains a copy of these.

To Apply for a Working with Children Check, visit the Working With Children Victoria website:

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Photos, Videos, and Online Meetings

Where clubs are delivering activities in an online environment, they need to actively consider child safety in the online space and ensure the environment is child safe.

Where clubs are delivering activities in an online environment, they need to actively consider child safety in the online space and ensure the environment is child safe.

This Online Safety information sheet (for RMIT staff) also provides guidance for club leaders.

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Note: Online meetings or activities are recorded a permission form will also need to be completed for under 18 students by their parents/ guardians.

There are also extra requirements for photography and under 18’s. Clubs leaders need to be mindful that no photos or videos should be taken of children/young people, except if there is prior written permission from parents/guardians, in line with the Child Safe Image Instruction.

Other Child Safety Resources

RMIT University has a range of information and resources related to Child Safety. For further information, please refer to the following:

RMIT's Commitment to Child Safety

RMIT is a child safe organisation, which means staff are responsible for ensuring that anyone who is under 18 on campus is safe, happy and protected. RMIT offers an environment where young people can grow, develop skills and prepare for the future.

Download Info Sheet

RMIT University Information for Under 18's

Visit Page

Running Board Meetings

General Guide to Board Meetings

Read the RUSU Clubs general guide to running board meetings.

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Taking Minutes

Download the RUSU Clubs basic template for taking minutes at meetings.

Basic Minutes

Download the RUSU Clubs formal template for taking minutes at meetings.

Formal Minutes

Leadership Resources

Support and Information for Club Leaders

During your time as a club leader, students may approach you when they are having a hard time or need help. If this happens you don’t need to have all the answers, you just need to listen and then help direct student to the service that can assist them. RUSU Staff are here to help you. Please read the info sheet to help you understand where you or a fellow student can go for help.

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