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Activities Department

Welcome to the Activities Department


The RUSU Activities and Events Department is here to make your university experience as much fun as you can possibly handle! The department is run by two staff members and an elected student representative. In 2019, we have so many exciting major events planned!

While you’ll see our big parties and events on social media and advertised around campus, don’t forget to look out for the other things we do - the free food available is definitely not one to miss. Whether it’s a free breakfast in Building 80, or a free lunch at Chill ’N’ Grill, make sure you’re at the right place at the right time. Find out about our free weekly events here.

If staying behind the scenes is more your style, or you want to see more of what it takes to make these activities run, volunteer with us! Drop by your nearest RUSU Front Desk to find out what it takes to join our active, fun-loving, always appreciated team of volunteers!


Karan Khandelwal

Activities Officer