Welcome to Brunswick

Brunswick Department

Welcome to the Brunswick Department!

Hello beautiful and creative Fashion & Textiles Students! Welcome to the RUSU Brunswick Department. Our vibrant, multicultural campus of Fashion and Textiles, with its spacious study area evokes creativity.  Brunswick is a comfortable and enjoyable space to work and chill.

RUSU Brunswick focusses on improving campus community and student engagement this year. We are working to host exciting events explicitly designed for Fashion and textiles students on and off campus for 2021. We have also created a Brunswick Campus Facebook and Instagram Page that gives regular updates and posts for Brunswick students.

If you have any questions, student concerns or ideas on how to improve campus life – you can email me, or Brunswick rep and we’ll happily organise a meeting with you.

Your RUSU Brunswick Officers for 2023

Daniel Mizzi

Brunswick Coordinator


Georgia Mullins

Brunswick Coordinator