Advocating for students

RUSU Campaigns 2020


RUSU is working hard to advocate for students and run campaigns that result in meaningful changes for all students at RMIT.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the RUSU COVID-19 survey. 

COVID-19 Survey Snapshot

RUSU COVID-19 survey results are in! A HUGE thanks to everyone who has participated in the RUSU COVID-19 survey. We have presented these findings to the Vice Chancellor and will to continue to advocate for fair outcomes for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Fee Reduction

RUSU is joining the National Union of Students in calling for a 20% fee reduction for all students. Please join the campaign. To find out more, visit the Save Our Students campaigns page at:

RUSU calls on RMIT to:

  • Provide a 20% fee reduction as called for by the National Union of Students.
  • Implement fairer fee structures for students impacted by the transition to online learning.
  • Provide additional options for students who need to withdraw or who are struggling to pay their fees due to the pandemic.

Save Our Students

Fair Assessment

Together with the National Union of Students, RUSU is calling for fair assessment adjustments in light of COVID-19. This includes assessing students fairly, taking into account the impacts of the pandemic, so students can demonstrate their true capacities.

RUSU calls on RMIT to: 

  • Protect students’ GPA/WAM so that it reflects their true abilities and is not negatively impacted by COVID-19.
  • Ensure students impacted by COVID-19 are not unfairly discriminated against when applying for further study.
  • Review current special consideration processes to ensure students get a fair go if they are impacted by COVID-19.

Free trams

RUSU wrote a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry on extending the free tram zone. We stood up for those of you experiencing cost of living pressures, calling for free transport for students and broader concessions for part-time and HDR students. 

Freedom from Discrimination

RUSU made a submission to the Australian Government regarding the proposed Religious Freedom Bills. We stood up for your rights, advocating for a balanced approach that ensures the safety of people from all different religions as well as LGBTQIA+ people, women and people with disability.

2020 Priorities

RUSU has presented our 2020 priorities to RMIT executives and will continue to advocate for student rights and student experience initiatives throughout 2020.


In 2019 we achieved...

  • Collaborative artwork promoting respect for women and non-binary people.
  • Have Your Say Summit, providing an opportunity for students to help shape RMIT and RUSU’s student programs and hear from RMIT leadership.
  • A new medical hub at RMIT city campus, providing bulk billing for local students and direct billing for international students.
  • Clearer policies surrounding inherent requirements, promoting student equity and participation.
  • Extended library hours during peak periods.
  • Better access to SAI Global standards to support students who require these to complete their assessments.
  • RUSU Little Libraries and Food Bank cupboards to support the student community.

In 2018 we achieved...

  • Improved teaching standards regarding student assessment.
  • Improved academic progress policy.
  • Equitable Learning Service accessibility improvement.
  • A review of policy and process regarding sexual harassment and assault at RMIT.
  • Creating a more mental health friendly campus.
  • More phone charging stations on all campuses (including Brunswick and Bundoora East).
  • Edible gardens at Brunswick and Bundoora.
  • Affordable parking permits for Bundoora students.
  • More international vending machines with a wider range of food option.
  • Sanitary vending machines in accessible spaces.

In 2017 we achieved...

  • Inclusion of an Indigenous Officer position in RUSU’s Regulations and appointment of the Union’s first Indigenous Officer, Jedda Rocha Costa.
  • Preservation of a number of Assessment Principles as the Assessment Policy was transferred to the new policy framework, safeguarding important appeal rights for students.
  • Inclusion of the recommendations of the Group Work Working Group in the new Assessment Process.
  • Working with DPVC Learning and Teaching for each College to develop a mechanism to ensure a three day response time when academics are contacted regarding extensions and/or special consideration.
  • Increased student access to University spaces, including a new activity space in NAS which is available to over one hundred RUSU clubs and departments.
  • Provision of safe and accessible Queer and Women’s lounges on the City campus.
  • Expansion of the AskRMIT Questions to include additional information on support services and to encompass topics such as sexual harassment and assault, mental health services and the Equitable Learning Service.
  • Compulsory PowerPoint slides on mental health and support services to be delivered by teaching staff during student orientation.