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RUSU Compass is currently operating a telephone and email only service, as a precautionary measure to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the RMIT community.
To contact Compass:
Please check in regularly to keep up to date with the latest from RUSU.

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Compass Drop In Centre is a safe space for students to drop by with any questions or concerns.

We are from the RUSU Welfare Department with centres at the City, Bundoora and Brunswick campuses. At the centre we have Compass Coordinator staff member on site as well as Youth Mental Health Trained Peer Support volunteers. 

Compass Drop In Centre is a stepping stone for students to information and services within RMIT and out in the community.

At Compass, we are here to support students by offering advice, information and referrals regarding a wide range of psychosocial issues students experience. Being a university student is hard and there are many life stressors that pop up during study. We offer support in areas such as but not limited too mental health, relationship issues, homelessness, financial stress and many more.

Another main part of our service is the Compass Cupboard, each campus has a cupboard with free food and toiletries for students who are experiencing financial stress.

Covid-19 Community Resources

RUSU Compass and the RUSU Student Rights Team have compiled a list of resources to help you out if you are struggling through the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of the resources listed below are accessible via telephone, web or email.



Calm Zone

We have compiled a range of calming activities and strategies below. You can choose from a range of different activities to help support your study stress during this period. We hope this virtual Calm Zone can remind you that RUSU and RMIT are still here to help you. 



Stress Less Week Activity Book

This booklet has a whole host of activities, crafts and other relaing and mindful entertainment that you can use to help you relax during the lead up to exams.



What to expect from Compass...

Supporting your student community as you make new friends.


Compass can help you find out what services you may need to deal with any issue and can get you in touch with them.


Compass will maintain your confidentiality and treat you with respect.


Compass can inform you about ongoing campaigns for your rights.

Issues Compass can help with...

It doesn't matter if you have suddenly found yourself homeless or you just want to know where to find some cheap food on campus- no issue is too big or too small for Compass. Our job is to listen to your problem and help you access the right services to resolve it. 

Get in contact with Compass...

You can drop into Compass to discuss your circumstances and needs at: Building 12, Level 4, Room 114


Phone: +61 3 9925 2785



RMIT Building 12, Level 4 
Monday to Thursday, 10:00am – 4:00pm


RMIT Building 514, Level 1, Room 7
Monday & Tuesday, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Bundoora West

RUSU Front Counter, RMIT Building 202, Level 2
Wednesday & Thursday, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Helpful Downloads

DOWNLOAD PDF: My Weekly Planner
DOWNLOAD PDF: Weekly Meal Planner
DOWNLOAD PDF: Ways to De-Stress (without spending any money)
DOWNLOAD PDF: Sleeping & Waking Hacks
DOWNLOAD PDF: 50 Ways to Take a Break
DOWNLOAD PDF: Beyond Mi Goreng (Budget friendly recipes and cooking tips)