Student Life Awards 2021


The 2021 RUSU Student Life Awards recognises student’s contributions, big and small, to student life outside the classroom. We want to highlight outstanding commitment to university life.

It goes without saying that 2021 has been another difficult year for students. Going in and out of lockdown, the uncertainty that has brought for their studies, placements, income and importantly, the ability to connect with their student community.

This time has also brought out the best in our community – creativity, resilience and dedication to looking out for each other. RUSU is humbled to receive so many great nominations across the 14 award categories from RMIT students achieving across so many different areas of our University community.

RUSU is delighted to present the 2021 Student Life Award recipients. Congratulations to all of our winners and runner ups.


Outstanding Woman in the Community Award

WINNER: Mary Mansilla 
RUNNER UP: Kareen Joann Moraes 

Online Initiative Award

WINNER: Karthikeya Reddy Mopur

Student Leader of the Year Award

WINNER: Tara Robinson 
RUNNER UP: Runjhun Agarwal

Student Life Champion Award

WINNER: Amal Dev Baiju
RUNNER UP: Clare Chiu

Active International Award

WINNER: Koushik Mukherjee
RUNNER UP: Laavanya Sayal 

Peer Mentor Award

WINNER: Harsh Bohra 
RUNNER UP: Yanina Carizzo

Outstanding Club Award

1ST RUNNER UP: RMIT Asian Association    
2ND RUNNER UP: International Studies Association

Outstanding Club Leader Award

WINNER: Ranitha Rajesh Dudhani
1ST RUNNER UP: Amelia Cotsanis 
2ND RUNNER UP: Danny Peter Nackovski
2ND RUNNER UP: Tara Robinson 

New Club Award

WINNER: RMIT Architecture Students Collective     
RUNNER UP: RMIT Engineers Australia Student Society  

Club Covid Initiative Award


HDR Student Leader Award

WINNER: Debolina Marjumda
RUNNER UP: Osezua Oseghale

Sustainable Communities Award

WINNER: Andrea Sharbrokh

Community Wellbeing Champion Award

WINNER: Runjhun Agarwal

Student Media Award

WINNER: Jasmine Chung 
WINNER: Laura Pavia Jorge