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Social, Political & Activist Clubs


Browse our full list of RUSU's Social, Political & Activist Clubs below, and visit your chosen clubs' page today to find out more!

If you've joined a RUSU Club but haven't received any follow up from it (give it a bit of time!), please send us a quick email at and the Clubs Department Staff will help to follow up.  

ALP Labor Club

The RMIT ALP (Labor) Club is a group of like-minded RMIT students who are interested in Labor politics at RMIT.

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RMIT Asian Association (RAA)

The RMIT Asian Association (RAA) cultivates an inclusive, inviting, and fun atmosphere, and serves as one of the premium social clubs for students adjusting to university life.

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RMIT Chess Club

The RMIT Chess Club is a student-run club for those interested in chess to come together and play socially or competitively. The club holds weekly sessions for playing social chess on campus.

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RMIT Chinese Debating Group

RMIT Chinese Debating Group organises and supports Chinese language based activities, primarily debating.

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Games, Manga and Anime Society (GMAS)

The Games, Manga and Anime Society (GMAS) is RMIT's anime and gaming club.

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RMIT University Car Club (RUCC)

The RMIT University Car Club (RUCC) provides motorsport and social events for RMIT Car Enthusiasts.

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Roleplay and Tabletop Society (R&TS)

The Roleplay and Tabletop Society (R&TS) is dedicated to tabletop roleplay, wargaming and scale modelling.

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RMIT Science Fiction and Gaming Association

The RMIT Science Fiction and Gaming Association play card games, CCGs, board games, pen and paper RPG, tabletop strategy, videogames and talk about all things sci-fi and gaming related.

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RMIT Socialist Alternative Club

RMIT Socialist Alternative Club is the left-wing, socialist and anti-capitalist activist club, involved in fighting for social justice and against inequality and oppression.

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RMIT Vegan Club

Unfortunately, this club did not re-register for 2024. The RMIT Vegan Club aimed to break down the stereotypes associated veganism to create a relaxed social space where students can meet, eat and share a drink.

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Start Your Own Club

Can't find a club that interests you? Why not start your own! It's a great way to meet like-minded people and have some fun.

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