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Start a New RUSU Club for 2022


RUSU is proud to represent the needs of a unique, ever-changing, and diverse student body at RMIT. Our Clubs and Societies (C&S) Department is dedicated to helping students explore their social, professional, political, spiritual, and cultural identities by supporting a wide array of campus clubs.  Starting and running a club can be challenging - but it is worthwhile. And, it can also be a lot of fun and a great way to develop a range of skills and make a long-term contribution to the RMIT student experience - some of our clubs are over 50 years old!





  1. If you haven't already, please read through all sections of this "Start a Club" page. 
  2. Make sure your new club idea isn't already a club or sits with the RMIT's Sports and Creative clubs - you can link to all three categories of clubs through  If you do this and are still unsure, please contact us at for advice.
  3. Familiarise yourselves with the RUSU Regulations about Clubs (Section 4.10 starting on Page 20) - the "Basics" are outlined on this webpage but the full Section has greater detail
  4. Read through the RUSU Clubs Model Constitution paying particular attention to the membership options and the Board of Management structure and responsibilities - if your club idea is supported, you will need to make some decisions around these. A copy can be found here 
  5. Make sure all members of the PROV applicant group have read the RUSU Clubs Code of Conduct and agree to follow it. You will find a copy here. 
  6. If you believe your idea sits with RUSU,  would meet RUSU's requirements and you and your team are willing to do your best to establish this club in line with all requirements, please email the RUSU Clubs Department at to introduce yourselves (team of four) and give a basic outline of your new club idea - its' aims,  what it would do (its' events & activities), and how it would benefit RMIT students. 
  7. The Clubs Department will review your information and confirm if RUSU can support your new club idea (screening process). You may be asked to clarify and refine your ideas -  this can take several weeks. 
  8. If RUSU can support your new club idea, you will be invited to begin the formal process of starting a new RUSU Club. This involves: 
    • 1) Making a formal application for PROV (via an online form). The link to the online form is provided directly to the applicant group by the RUSU Clubs Department Staff Member assisting.  Info provided in the formal PROV application reflects the new club information initially provided to and (where needed) refined in collaboration with the Clubs Department. If it is approved, and in line with the minimum membership requirements and the timeline (below),  the PROV will proceed to: 
    • 2) If the PROV is approved, and in line with the minimum membership requirements and the timeline (below),  the Clubs Department will assist the PROV to complete its' Inaugural (first) Full Affiliation process (calling & holding the IGM, etc). 

New Club Timeline