Attendance, dates & minutes

Student Union Council 2023

The Student Union Council (SUC) is the peak decision-making body of the RMIT University Student Union (RUSU). They have the same types of duties and legal responsibilities as the Board of an organisation or company and the SUC members receive specific training and professional support to help them fulfil their legal and financial responsibilities.

The SUC is where your 28 elected representatives decide on events, activities, services, and campaigns to provide for students at RMIT. The SUC also makes the decisions about how RUSU runs as an organisation. RUSU is truly a 100% student run organisation.

SUC meetings happen monthly, with additional special meetings held as required. The dates for the current Student Union Council are included in the table below.  Unless otherwise posted, SUC meetings start at 6pm. Any RMIT student is able to attend meetings of the SUC. Like any group organising an event, RUSU needs advance RSVPs so we can plan appropriately.

To notify RUSU that you wish to attend an SUC meeting you simply need to email the RUSU General Secretary at least 24 hours in advance of the meetings start time at Advance notice is required to allow RUSU to manage any logistics, e.g. capacity limits and other requirements.

Summary of SUC Minutes

- SUC Minutes, 23rd November 2022
- SUC Minutes, 25th January 2023

SUC Representative Attendance Record

The attendance of your elected representatives at these meetings is recorded below.

Table Key:

P Present at meeting
AP Absent with apology
A Absent
LQ Left during the proceedings of meeting causing the meeting to lose quorum*
NA There has been a subsequent change of the RUSU representative and therefore these dates are not applicable to the stated rep.

*Quorum is the minimum numbers of people needed for a meeting to continue and make decisions. If someone leaves mid-meeting and causes a meeting to have to end early because they have lost quorum this section will be labelled LQ and be shaded red).


Student Representative Name Position 20 Oct
23 Nov
8 Dec
25 Jan
15 Feb
15 Mar
19 Apr
17 May
21 Jun
19 Jul
16 Aug
20 Sep
18 Oct
Beth Shegog SUC President P P
Mark Morante SUC General Secretary P P
Sasha Summers Communications Officer P P
Coco Liu Activities Officer A P
Felicia Nguyen Clubs & Societies Officer P AP
Terry Kim Education Officer P P
Amelia Cotsanis Welfare Officer P P
Ella Byrne Sustainability Officer P P
Haiting (Ada) Lu International Officer P P
Dhweep Shah Postgraduate Officer P P
Patrick Pieciun Queer Officer P P
Alice Holmes Queer Officer P P
Anjali Kiran Indigenous Officer P AP
Akshita Agrawal Women's Officer P P
Timothy Winning Disabilities and Carers Officer P P
Ben Milne General Representative P P
Jiabao (Julia) He General Representative P P
Nikki Rajaram General Representative P P
Kamil Shwaita General Representative P P
Jaynaya Travis General Representative P P
Elior Malka Vocational Education Officer P P
Jatin Bhootna City Coordinator P P
Koushik Mukherjee City Representative P P
Riya Sangra Bundoora Coordinator P P
Simon Manoj Bundoora East Representative P P
Dulan Ariyathilaka Bundoora West Representative P P
Daniel Mizzi Brunswick Coordinator P P
Georgia Mullins Brunswick Representative P P