Games Manga and Anime Society, GMAS

The Games, Manga and Anime Society (GMAS) is RMIT's anime and gaming club.

Welcome to GMAS!
Our club is dedicated to bringing people together who share a passion for games, manga and especially anime in order to provide a fun and social experience for people on their way through their journey of RMIT.

Weekly Meetings and Events
Every Friday afternoon during the semester, we have a ~3 hour gathering where we screen anime, socialize and host exciting events. At GMAS, we put the focus on allowing members to have fun and chat with other members rather than screening anime, therefore screenings usually only take up the first hour. During our meetings, we also host small events such as Pictionary, quizzes, gaming tournaments and more. We understand and do not expect that everyone can always participate for the whole meeting every week, so anyone interested should feel free to pop in at any time.

We also host bigger events throughout the year outside the meets, like our annual tradition: Hotsprings Camp!
Other large events also include BBQ's, karaoke, LAN parties, scavenger hunts and collabs with other university clubs!

Registration and Joining
RMIT GMAS wants to ensure that each member enjoys and are comfortable with our club atmosphere. That is why we encourage those who are interested in joining, to first come along to one of our weekly meetings and experience it for yourself, before deciding whether you would like to officially join the club. There is no joining fee for our club but we have a GMAS Card available for purchase that grants access to discounts and benefits from our sponsors and helps support the club!

With our GMAS Card, you will be given discounts on your purchases at our sponsor stores such as Nekocards, Critical Hit, One Stop Anime, Milksha and Samurai Punk.
These stores are all located within a short walking distance from RMIT city campus. Moreover discounts are also available for online stores such as Madman!

Where to Find Us?
We hold weekly meets during semester. Details about our meetings will be posted on our Facebook page and Discord every week. Otherwise, please find out more about GMAS through anyone of the following:

If you have any other questions or queries, please feel free to contact us!
Email :

GMAS hopes to see you soon!