Law Students' Society (RLSS)

The RMIT Law Students' Society (RLSS) looks to support and promote RMIT LLB, JD, and Justice Studies students and serves as a club for all RMIT law students.


Welcome to the RMIT Law Students' Society club!

We're happy to have you here!

Established in 2009, the RMIT LSS organises and promotes a variety of professional and social events both in-person and online.

The aims of the RMIT Law Students’ Society (RLSS) are:
- To facilitate, encourage and promote the education of RMIT Law students;
- To enhance employment opportunities for RMIT law students;
- To encourage the participation of RMIT law students in relevant events and competitions; and
- To promote social interaction between RMIT law students.

Annual membership to RMIT LSS is available by clicking “JOIN or RENEW” at the top of this page.