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Calm Zone

Welcome to the Calm Zone

The Calm Zone is a collaborative project between RUSU Compass and RMIT Wellbeing.
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RUSU Compass and RMIT Wellbeing have compiled a range of calming activities and strategies below. You can choose from a range of different activities to help support your study stress during this period. We hope this virtual Calm Zone can remind you that RUSU and RMIT are still here to help you. Please reach out if you need us. 


The benefits of mindfulness for our well-being and mental health have been well documented. Practising mindfulness essentially means being present in this moment. Mindfulness can alleviate anxiety and worry for the future, by bringing our focus back to our current situation or task at hand.

- Free Mindfulness App: Smiling Mind
- Guided Meditation from RMIT Together
- 9 Ways To De-Stress
- 50 Ways to Take a Break 
- Box Breathing Instructions 
- How to make a Vision Board
- Sleeping Hacks
- Meditation & Healing (YouTube)
- Zen Sound Meditation
- Creative Visualisation Meditation
- Healing Meditation

Calm Activities

Finding the right calming activity for you is an individual experience. Once you find something that works for you - use it! Calming activities can help us feel more grounded, as we are bringing our awareness away from our stressed mind and into our body. These activities engage and distract our minds, allowing us to enter a trance-like flow. Try one of the activities below, and see how it feels!

- Compass guide to staying well in 2020
- Compass Stress Less Activity Book
- How to make a Gratitude Journal
- Stress Relieving Play Dough
- Colouring Sheets
- Word Search
- Sudoku (Easy)
- Sudoku (Medium)
- DIY Body Scrubs
- Learn how to garden
- Try some calming crafts
- Therapy Dogs
- Cute Little Puppies!

Eat Well for Wellbeing

Physical Health is an important aspect of our holistic well-being. Eating well can support our brain function and ability to make decisions. There is a double bonus to this activity, as cooking can also be a useful strategy to distract ourselves from stress and worry.

- Healthy Food Swaps
- Snacks and Smoothies
- Meal Prep Ideas
- Healthy on a Budget
- Realfoods Cooking Videos
- Weekly Meal Planner
- RUSU Beyond Mi Goreng Cookbook


Chilled Tunes

We can use music to engage our sense of hearing and distract ourselves from our busy head space. Listening to chilled music can help us focus and concentrate on our task at hand.

- Deep Focus (Spotify)
- Study & Chill Lofi Hiphop (Spotify)
- All Nighter (Spotify)

Get Moving

Moving our body can be an effective way to release emotions. Physical activity can helps us lift those heavy feeling off our shoulders and at the same time, encourage deep breathing. Run, dance or stretch... something is always better than nothing.

- Stay Fit at Home Exercises
- RMIT Exercise Self Help Page
- Yoga with Adriene (YouTube)
- Yoga with Sarah Beth (YouTube)
- Popsugar Fitness (YouTube)
- RUSU Fit Tips: Working Out at Home


Connection with peers is extra important right now, especially because we are physically apart. As we try to tackle this period of exams and assignments through the lockdown, do try to stay connected with others through social media and other types of interaction. Here are a few websites to get you started.

- RMIT Together Facebook Group
- RMIT Creative Online
- RMIT Break and Create

Where to go for help...


The counselling service is still open and is providing student Skype or phone call appointments. Book online here for a free appointment:


International and local student can now apply for COVID19 Fund through RMIT. Please follow the links below to apply,


If you require urgent food relief, you can access freshly made frozen meals at St Peter’s Eastern Hill which is located at the corner of Albert and Gisborne Streets in East Melbourne—just next door to Parliament gardens. Meals can be collected from St Peter’s between 9:30am and 11:30am every day. For more information please contact Alae on 0409 802 892 or email alae.taulealo@rmit.edu.au


Compass is still here to support you while we are working from home. Compass Coordinators are trained social workers who can provide you support, referral information and advice on a range of issues. At the moment, we have been speaking to lots of students regarding issues such as financial hardship, voucher support, mental health, study support and housing issues. Please email us at compass@rmit.edu.au to contact us Monday to Thursday 10:00am—4:00pm.


These numbers are 24/7, some of them may be busy at the moment. So, if you find yourself waiting on hold. Hang up and try again or hang up and try a different helpline.

  • Lifeline: 13 11 14
  • Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636
  • RMIT Crisis Support Line: For urgent 24/7 crisis support call 1300 305 707