RMIT Sculpture Club

RMIT Sculpture Club is an academic and social club for both RMIT Fine Arts students and students from other disciplines who are interested in sculpture.

RMIT Tamil Club

A Cultural Club for Tamil students at RMIT

RMIT University Car Club

The RMIT University Car Club (RUCC) provides social and motorsport events for RMIT Car Enthusiasts. Join us for 2024!

RMIT Urban Planning Society (RUPS)

RMIT Urban Planning Society (RUPS) is an academic club for students undertaking Urban and Regional Planning studies.

Roleplay and Tabletop Society

The Roleplay and Tabletop Society (R&TS) is dedicated to Tabletop Roleplay, Wargaming and Modelling.

RUSH - RMIT United Society of Hellenes

RUSH is a club for RMIT students with a Greek background and a passion for all things Greek!

Science Fiction and Gaming Association

Details of 2023 on-campus gaming sessions coming soon! Games Night & Hangout

Singapore Students Association SSA RMIT

At RMIT SSA, our aim is to provide you with a home away from home.

Social Wellbeing Alliance Project (SWAP)

RMIT SWAP is an academic clubs for Social Work, Youth Work, Community Service and Psychology Students at RMIT.

Socialist Alternative (SA) Club

RMIT Socialist Alternative Club is the left-wing activist club on campus. We are a group of socialist and anti-capitalist students who are involved in fighting for social justice and against inequality and oppression.

Society for Women In Information TeCHnology RMIT SWITCH

RMIT SWITCH offers a supportive and encouraging community of women sharing their passion in all things tech.

SOMA (Student Osteopathic Medicine Association)

Student Osteopathic Medicine Association is an academic club for RMIT students studying Osteopathy

Space Science Students Association - SSSA

Unfortunately, the club's registration has lapsed. Please click through to the main page if there is interest in restarting the club.

Sri Lankan Association RSLA

RMIT Sri Lankan Association (RSLA is a social and support club for RMIT Sri Lankan students and friends.

Student Landscape Architecture Body SLAB

RMIT SLAB (Student Landscape Architecture Body) is a student run and organised body within the landscape architecture course based at RMIT University.

Students Association of Industrial Design

Students Association of Industrial Design (SAID) is an academic club for RMIT students with an interest in the field of industrial design.