Christian Union

We are a great group of people where you can make friends and grow as a Christian, or explore what Christianity is all about.


RMIT Christian Union is one of the largest and most active student clubs at RMIT.

We want to know God as we live at RMIT.
We spend time having fun together, listening to God speak through Bible teaching, praying together, eating together, and learning together.
It's a real community, centred around the wonderful God! Our members end up spending a lot of their time together outside of class and CU activities, and really make the club their own.

Annual Membership to RMIT CU is free. Please do not use the "Join or Renew" button on this page, but instead go to the CU website so that we can best keep you notified about what's going on:

Please come and find us at Bundoora Welcome Day and City Clubs Day. For info about our events, please check our facebook and webpage!

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