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Club events are the most fun part of being in a club, but it pays to be organised. This page provides some general info about the practicalities of organising club events.  It includes info about and links to book space and some extra facilities for on-campus events, suggestions for event hire and supplies,  guidance and resources to help you manage your legal copyright obligations on your social media, in your promotions generally and running movie events, and running accessible and sustainable events. There's also info about promoting your events and the RUSU affiliate logos to add to your promo. The final section is about when to contact RUSU Clubs Department about event issues. 

For links to the required club event risk management approval form (ERMA) and other event risk management resources (RMIT Security, food safety., responsible service of alcohol, liquor licensing, etc), see our Event Risk Management Page. For information about Clubs and underage members/Child Safety, please refer to the Child Safety Page.

Event Risk Management Child Safety Page

All events

STEP 1: Meet your event risk management approval (ERMA) and Child Safety requirements 

Clubs must submit an ERMA for all club events (on and off campus) except for club leader meetings and some General Meetings. Events that do not gain approval must not go ahead. On-campus events may also need to pay for RMIT Security guards. 

Overnight events such as camps require extra risk management preparation. 

For more info and the links to apply, see our Events Risk Management Page

Event Risk Management

IMPORTANT - CHILD SAFETY - Clubs that wish to open their membership and/or events to students under 18 years of age must meet the Child Safety requirements  See our Child Safety Page

Child Safety Page

Events On Campus


On-Campus spaces are available for club bookings. Only a club's designated room booker may submit a booking for their club. 

Spaces are free for Clubs to hire but there may be other costs involved

Risk Management

Except for simple club Board of Management Meetings, all club events must gain risk management approval. It can sometimes be easier to receive the required risk management approval for off-campus events. HAVE A BACKUP PLAN!


IMPORTANT if your event does not receive the required risk management approval, the booking will be cancelled. HINT - book early so you have plenty of time for the risk management approval process and to promote your approved event.

How to book space on campus - Introduction 

The process for booking spaces is different, depending upon what type of space is being booked. All Clubs need to follow the correct procedure for the space they are booking. 

Important - if a space isn't included in the Venues booking system, it's either not a bookable space for club events or access is restricted. Contact your Clubs Officer if the space your club is interested isn't a bookable space. 

Hint -  Try being flexible about venues and academic spaces: submit your booking but follow up with an email to let the venue people know you are willing to be flexible about location and/or date/time.  Provide details of the key feature of the space you really need (specific day of the week or time, capacity, any special feature or equipment built in) and ask them if they can suggest another day, time or location or  another location if needed.  If focus on a particular space and it is not available, you'll need to submit a new booking and you might run out of time 

RMIT "Venues" Hire - The Details

Academic Space Hire - Details

Academic Spaces include most classrooms, tutorial rooms, and lecture theatres (that are not being used for classes when yo want to use them) 

Academic Spaces are not available to book until after Week 4 of each semester (until the academic timetables are finalised).

Clubs apply for an Academic spaces by completing a form and emailing it to

The club's designated room booker emails the completed form to the RMIT Venues department at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. 

So, submit the Application for Student Hire of Academic Spaces Formform well in advance of the required date.

Other RMIT and Community Spaces - The Details

The RUSU Clubs On campus room bookings update May 2024 includes links to other on campus options including A'Beckett Urban Square, The Media Portal, Bundoora Sports Centre and the RUSU managed spaces.

RUSU also highly recommends clubs check out facilities available through their local council:

City of Melbourne Merri-bek Council. City of Banyule

Event Equipment

RUSU events equipment is not available for club use except by special arrangement with the RUSU Activities Department for significant club events held on during business hours. Speak to your Clubs Officer about this well in advance of your event.

RMIT does not lend its event equipment to RUSU Clubs.

What Equipment Is Available?

Free extra bins for on-campus events. Clubs can order extra rubbish bins for their on-campus events for free! Email the Property Services Help Desk and ask for extra bins

For club events, provide the club name, the booker's student number, the event location event, event date, the time you want the bins delivered and the bin type/ numbers required (general waster, recycling, compostable).

Clubs may request to borrow a RUSU EFTPOS machine for certain types of club events held on the City Campus (not for Clubs Day etc). RUSU Clubs Department can't guarantee all requests will be approved. To make a request, submit the RUSU Clubs EFTPOS Machine (Albert) borrowing request form  AT LEAST 2 WEEKS in advance of your event. 

RMIT's AV support service "Insight Systems" is permitted on campus. It is required in RMIT Venues including Storey Hall, Kaleide Theatre, etc. This is not free. Details below 

If you just want some basic equipment for an on-campus event, it might be easiest to use Insight Systems anyway 

Please complete and submit an inquiry form at The form includes some prices.

Event Equipment Hire Suggestions

AV hire, including DJ equipment (South Melbourne):

Event equipment hire companies: (see prices on websites)

Party Supplies:


Online Events

Learn everything you need to know to run a successful event online.

The Basics

Promoting Your Online Event

Getting the word out there is essential to running a successful event online.

Event Promo

Office 365

RMIT runs on Office 365, and you will get the best results from your online event, and have more ITS support available to you if you use Office 365 too. Find out in advance how to successfully install Office 365 so you are ready on event day!

Office 365


Online events - Make it easy to make your online event accessible to everyone by reading RMIT's Online Accessibility Best Practice guide.

Read Now

In person events - check out RMIT's Inclusive Event Checklist.

Read Now

Another useful resource is the checklist in the NSW Government "Toolkit for Accessible and inclusive Events" 

Read Now

Sustainable Events

Read the RMIT guide to sustainable events.


Copyright - images, music and film

When a club wants to use an image or music in its' social media content or promotional material or it wants to show a film at a club event,  legal obligations around "copyright" comes into play. 

Copyright is a type of intellectual property law. It grants exclusive rights to the copyright owner to enable them to determine how their work can be used. 

To make sure your club does the morally and legally right thing when using other people's images, music and film and resources to help you do this,  read our easy info sheet.

Read now

Original Photography and Filming at club events 

If you are planning on filming or taking photographs, you must display a disclaimer at your events, telling people that you are taking images. You can print out the RUSU Clubs' photography disclaimer poster to display at your events.

Photography Notice

Functions Check List

Make sure you have everything ready for your big day by completing our handy, step-by-step checklist.


Promoting Your Club

Getting Help

RUSU Communications staff are available for you if you need help with logo design and design for posters and other event marketing materials.

Getting Help

Get advice and etiquette information on how to promote your event at RMIT.

Get Advice

RUSU Club Affiliate Branding

RUSU Clubs Affiliate Logo

Download the RUSU Clubs Affiliate logo for use on your posters and marketing materials.

CMYK LOGOS: Used for printing

Download Now

RGB LOGOS: Used for websites and online

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Proudly Supported by RUSU Poster 

For approved events and (especially), club events supported by RUSU funding, print this poster and place it at a couple of high visibility locations at your event (entryway, on the podium, behind the podium etc), 

When To Contact RUSU Clubs Staff about on-campus bookings or events generally

It's important to know that RUSU Clubs Staff do not make event space bookings for Clubs. It is the responsibility of each Club to book spaces for their own events and to correctly follow the university procedures outlined above. However, when something has gone wrong with the process, RUSU Clubs Staff can help you. You should contact us if:

Process Changes

If you receive new, confusing, or conflicting information from RMIT Security, University venues, etc. and you are unsure which process to follow.

No Response To Your Booking Application

If three weeks have passed since you submitted your event booking, and you haven't received any response from RMIT.

No Invoice Received From RMIT

If five weeks have passed since your event was held, but your Club hasn't received the expected invoice(s) for an RMIT event or service yet (e.g. for RMIT Security, AV Hire, Venues Staff, etc).

For Large Or Complicated Events

When your club wants to organise a large and/or complicated event, and needs some help to know how to work with University (you must contact RUSU Clubs Staff at least 8 weeks before the event).

Significant Problem At Your Event

If there was a significant problem at your event, whether with the venue, staffing, or event attendees.

Contact Clubs

Email your Clubs Officer directly or our general email.

Contact RUSU Clubs