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Finance & Grants

This section is all about money. How to get it, and how to best look after it for your club. From applying for grants to getting, and managing a bank account and sponsors, to understanding your budget and getting tax invoices with the correct info, finance is a big part of running your club. This page also includes info about clubs and insurance.

RUSU Club Grants

Some basic info about RUSU Club Grants: 

Proudly supported by RUSU Poster

If your event/activity is supported through RUSU funding or other RUSU resources, please download and print out this poster to display prominently at your event/activity. DOWNLOAD POSTER

A Copy of the "RUSU Affiliate" logo to add you your promo is available from the last section of the Events & Promo page EVENTS & PROMO

Club Grants and Membership Data

For the Base Grants, entitlement is calculated based on a club's size. Club size may also impact SSAF grants. 

2024 Club Sizes:  

Membership periods:

Minimum annual membership:

Membership signup requirements:

Membership data timeline 2024: 
  1. Minimum start of year membership: by 22nd April (for calendar year club initial applications + mid year club upgrades) 
  2. Updates (for extra Base Grant):    end of Week 4 of the following Semester (Semester 2 for calendar year clubs. Semester 1 for mid-year clubs) 
  3. Final membership data:    when club completes its registration for the following year (re-affiliation process)

Base Grants

Clubs Annual Subsidy (CAS) - open now

Club Annual Reimbursement (CAR) - open now 
Info needed to apply for CAR:
  1. A copy of the budget approved by your club's Executive leadership team for the event/activity you are claiming CAR for
  2. Proof of payments (receipts, online payment transfers to suppliers, linked invoices etc).
  3. Where it is an event, some proof of event/promo material, (poster, Facebook event page/photos, design etc.)
  4. Where it is for promotional material or club merch, pdf copies of the design
No proof of payment?
How to complete the Stat Dec:


Welcome Grant - closed for Semester 1 

Due to overwhelming demand, applications for Semester 1 Welcome Grant have closed.

Welcome Grant Acquittal Report Requirement:

Special Program and Event Grants (SPEGs)

SPEG provides financial support for:
Important SPEG information:

SPEG Acquittal Report Requirement:

How to apply for a SPEG:

SPEG 2024 Application Rounds:

SPEG 2024 Application Rounds

ROUND # For 2024 projects/events to be delivered any time after: Opening date Closing date
1 26 Feb 2023 19 Dec 2023 7 Feb 2024
2 22 April 2024 9th Feb 2024 4th April 2024
3 22 July 2024 27 May 2024 23 June 2024


Club Bank Accounts

Learn about managing your RUSU Club bank account (and the money in it!) by reading our guide. Info about developing budgets is two sections down

Read Guide


Only Club events/activities that have received the Club Event Risk Management Approval (ERMA) are covered by RMIT Public Liability Insurance. The link to apply for ERMA and additional risk management information can be found in the Risk Management section of Clubs Resources.

Individual club leaders open themselves to personal liability where ERMA is not gained. 

Find out how to obtain insurance through RMIT.

RMIT Insurance


Use this Budget Template worksheet to develop your budget plan.


Read through our example activity budget to get a better idea of how to work your budget.


About Invoices

Australian Tax Invoice Requirements

For SPEG grants and just generally, when your club makes a significant order/purchase, it should receive a Tax Invoice from your seller/suppliers. If your seller/supplier does not have an Australian Business Number (ABN), they must complete a Statement of Supplier. The info sheet below has the details you need to make sure the invoices you receive are 100% correct.

Tax Invoice Info

About Club-issued Invoices
About Invoices issued to Clubs

If your club orders something, the club leader who places the order may need to provide their personal Melbourne address for the invoice (for billing purposes). This is especially important for booking on-campus event costs/services (RMIT Security, cleaners, RMIT Venues Staff, Insight AV etc.). DO NOT provide the RUSU or RMIT address - these are not RUSU or RMIT's invoices to pay.

Borrowing an EFTPOS machine

RUSU affiliate Clubs may request to borrow a RUSU EFTPOS machine for certain types of club events held on the City Campus (not for Clubs Day etc.). RUSU Clubs Department can't guarantee all requests will be approved. Please contact your RUSU Clubs Officer for a link to the booking form.

You can also talk to the Commonwealth Bank about hiring electronic terminals. Payment square systems (such as can be bought at Office Works etc.) generally require the user to have an ABN (Australian Business Number) or to be linked to an individual.

Clubs and Sponsorship 

RUSU Clubs are encouraged to find people, companies, and other organisations (including RMIT University Departments) to support the club as sponsors.

Sponsorship might be financial ($AUD) or "in kind" - discounts (for the club and/or its members), free things for the club to use or give to members, guest speakers or performers, etc.  

Info about clubs and sponsorship 
Do your sponsor require an ABN on the invoice? 

Funding Rules and Political Interests

It's important to understand the rules around funding and political interests to ensure you are not in breach of Commonwealth Government, RMIT, and RUSU Club rules.

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